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As the strategic advisory arm of Australia's national science agency, CSIRO Futures is uniquely positioned to transform complexity into clarity, uncertainty into opportunity, insights into action.

The power of science, technology and economics

平博开户We work with forward thinking clients to address challenging strategic and technical problems in new ways.

Our work spans thought leadership and strategy development, tailored economic analysis and exploring technology solutions for your business.

We have helped participants successfully enter new industries and developed innovation pathways for leading businesses operating in mature markets.

平博开户 What really sets us apart is that we work closely with CSIRO's 5,000 experts, giving you access to cutting-edge science in a streamlined, efficient manner.

[Music plays and an image of a world globe appears, breaks into segments and then resolves into the globe again and then the camera zooms in to show connection lines between the countries]

Narrator: Our world is changing rapidly.  We’re more connected than ever before.

平博开户[Camera zooms out to show the globe surrounded by an outline person, music notes, a briefcase, and computer screens]

Industries are being transformed by new business models and disruptive technologies. 

[Image changes to show a graph depicting stacked money on the vertical line and buildings on the horizontal line and then the graph disappears and mountains, trees, windmills, sun and clouds appear around the buildings]

平博开户Rising incomes around the world are creating new markets and new competition and constraints on our natural resources means businesses have to think more sustainably. 

[Image changes to show an outline map of Australia with a question mark in the centre]

But what does this all really mean for Australia?

[Image changes to show crossroads displaying signs “Opportunities” and “Risks”]

What opportunities and risks will these mega trends create? 

[Image changes to show a line connecting the word “Innovation” to a light bulb and then the image changes to show a bag inside a circle surrounded by question marks and text appears: Prepare, Uncertain, Future]

How can Australian businesses use technology and innovation to unlock these opportunities and most importantly what can we do now to prepare ourselves for an uncertain future? 

[Image changes to show a handshake]

平博开户That’s where we can help. 

[Image changes to depict an outline of a city and the city moves along the screen to the left and text appears: CSIRO Futures]

CSIRO Futures works with some of Australia’s largest businesses and Government, to help answer these important questions. 

[Image changes to show a calculator, a flower, a graph and a diamond shape and text appears: Sustainable Growth and the camera zooms out to show a box lid being closed over the symbols]

Through a range of strategic planning tools we help our customers create sustainable growth and plan for this uncertain future. 

[Image changes to depict a heart, a solar panel, a microscope and a vehicle symbol]

We draw on CSIRO’s world class research expertise to translate science into strategy.

[Image changes the four symbols into four outlines of people and an arrow with text inside appears above them: Opportunities]

平博开户It’s all part of our role as Australia’s innovation catalyst. 

平博开户[Image changes to show an image of a city and a path appears leading up to the buildings]

The future is full of opportunities and the decisions we make today can put us on the right path to realising them. 

[Image changes to show the CSIRO logo and text appears on screen: bpjtl.com/futures] 
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